Promoting duck and chicken meat on the British market is a goal of the “The Perfect Treat from Poland” campaign.

For years, the quality of Polish chicken and duck meat has been highly appreciated by European consumers, especially from the UK. Polish meat producers are known in Europe for their high breeding and production standards. The meat they export is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

The project is financed by the Poultry Meat Promotion Fund (Fundusz Promocji Mięsa Drobiowego).


Why is chicken meat
worth eating?

Chicken meat is a great source of protein that is easily digestible and has a desirable amino acid composition. In terms of the amino acids needed for a healthy human diet, it is second only to the proteins in eggs. The meat's low fat content translates into low calorific value. Nutritionists and the WHO recommend chicken meat for consumers of all ages and health conditions due to plenty of easily digestible minerals and vitamins.


Why is duck meat
worth eating?

Duck is the finest species of poultry. It is a source of vitamins D, A, E and B. Also, it contains numerous minerals. The meat is rich in unsaturated fats, which have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.



Find out why it is worth choosing Polish duck and chicken meat as part of your diet. All questions are answered by our poultry specialist:

Prof. zw. dr hab. Jan Jankowski, dr h.c. mult Department of Poultry Science and Beekeeping University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn


Are there any antibiotics in duck and chicken meat?
The presence of antibiotics in meat, especially poultry meat, is a myth! It is worth knowing that the presence of antibiotics is not permitted in commercially traded meat. Sanitary and veterinary services watch over compliance with this regulation. read more The antibiotic treatment during bird farming is a different matter! In case of both duck and chicken farming, the frequency of antibiotic treatment is much lower than in other species of animals. This is determined by the increased natural immunity of these bird species stimulated by the way they are maintained and fed. If any antibiotics need to be used during the breeding period, it is essential that a withdrawal period before slaughter is carefully observed, which excludes the presence of the medications in the meat.
Why is it recommended to eat duck meat? 
Duck meat stands out significantly from the crowd of other animal species meat when it comes to taste. Next to goose meat, it is considered the most exquisite. The consumption of well-cooked duck, combined with carefully selected additives, is a real pleasure for taste buds. read more In addition, it is an excellent source of essential unsaturated fatty acids, easily digestible vitamins A, D, E and B12. Furthermore, its high content of easily digestible iron is particularly important in cases of iron deficiency and in the treatment of anaemia.
Why is chicken meat worth eating? 
Due to its dietary and nutritional qualities, chicken meat is the most widely consumed meat. It is recommended for consumers of all ages regardless of their health condition. Probably everyone has experienced the "healing" power of broth in the case of a cold or general weakness of the body
How often should I eat duck and chicken meat?
Duck meat is considered red meat, which is high in fat and, consequently, high in calories. For this reason, it is not recommended for everyday consumption. The optimum frequency is 1-2 times a week. In the case of the breast meat itself (without skin), it can be consumed more often, as it contains more protein and less fat than thighs, drumsticks or the whole duck or chicken. read more Consumers with diabetes or problems with excess uric acid (gout) are advised to limit their consumption of duck meat to occasional situations, as it contains a lot of purines. Chicken meat can be eaten every day without any restrictions. Quantitatively, it can only be limited by a low-protein diet in cases of kidney failure.